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sMiHope Drop Timing vs zerg.
Posted Sunday, July 15, 2012 at 4:35 PM by Hope  |  5 comments »
Hey guys it's Hope, I've been having a lot of personal problems keeping me away from gaming for a while but i'm back now. Alright so getting used to the new meta game, lots of people who play terran are struggling vs zerg. Well experimenting the past few days, I made a new build that has a great drop timing when the zerg is in the droning  period and has no clue you are going to drop him, I have won some games right from the drop, but im only going to post 2 macro games where he defended.

I'm just going to give 2 links of examples of the build. You guys can study it yourselves. I'm 10-0 vs zerg right now with this build vs high masters, haven't tested it in pro matches yet since i'm trying to unrust but i'm just going to explain the purpose of this build.

So basically this build is a 1rax tech lab expansion. You wanna do the standard 10 supply 12rax 13 gas opening. once you get your first 100 gas you want to research stim, then expand as soon as you have the money. then keep making scvs and marines from your 1 rax, now once you have the extra 300 minerals make 2 more rax.  and then once you have enough gas make a factory and take your 2nd refinery right after. once stim is finished, research combat shield right after. so now you got a 3 rax factory with stim and combat shield on the way, what you wanna do now is as soon as your factory is done make the starport and a reactor on the factory and switch them to make exactly 2 medivacs, when the 2 medivacs pop out you should have enough marines to fill both of them, with stim finished and combat just finishing. This build is a drop timing that catches them off guard, try and drop your marines in a tight small area where the zerglings cant surround your marines, this timing can sometimes win you the game, but most zergs can defend this. This drop should do a great amount of damage, and should put you in a great position for the rest of the game. Just make sure to keep macroing. I will post some links for replays at the bottom.
Thor wrote:
How effective is this build at holding 2 base roach-ling-bane aggression from zerg?  I just worry since you don't seem to build hellions, maurders, tanks, or banshees- all of which are the typical ways to hold that type of agression.
Hope wrote:
it works fine, just need to check gas when scouting and be prepared for roaches or bane bust, I stopped both with it already.
Hope wrote:
also, try and take towers if you can :D
Rei wrote:
i  got own by taht roach bane/ling thing after my drop when i tried this out.
Hope wrote:
gotta macro scrub
sMi HomeStuffBlog Post Archives → sMiHope Drop Timing vs zerg.
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