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6 Queen Build ZvT
Posted Sunday, June 17, 2012 at 10:24 PM by Thor  |  2 comments »
I wanted to share my newest build in ZvT.

I thought it might be helpful for some people learning ZvT and I thought people could help me find ways to refine it and make it stronger.

In Zerg vs Terran, I strongly believe that Zerg will normally be in a good position if their economy is left relatively unharmed.  Greedy Terran builds (such as CC first followed by an eventually transition into Triple Orbital and double ebay) can keep Terran on evening ground with Zerg.  However, a diligent zerg should be able to find this out due to a well-timed sacrificie of a rocket-pack Overlord.  TLDR:  I think Z should often play a macro game against T and only occasionally throw in cheese if T doens't SCV scout, cuts way too many corners, has a really bad map/positions, or its series play and u want to change it up.

Hence, the 6 Queen build.

9 Ol, Rally from hat 10th drone to scout (not absolutely necessary, but you can spot Terran's build order, react in time to proxy 2 rax, and harass SCV building barracks)
15 Hatch + drones
16 pool
17 OL
18  Drone

Your Spawning Pool and OL should pop at basically the same time.
When spawning pool finishes, you will ideally do the following:
make 1 pair of zlings (to scout front/hold watch tower and search map/kill off scouting SCV)
make 2 queens immediately
and pure drone/OL.

If Terran opens Gas first, CC first, or 1 rax expand you can safely build 6 queens, 1 ling, and reach 40 drones BEFORE taking any gas.  This will get to 52/52 supply.  

Watching 1 replay its 6:37 I'm at 35 drones, 4 extractors making, 4 queens (2 about to pop), and 7 OLs, and 36 drones because I made those extractors.  My opponent who opened 1 rax expand  is at 28 scv and 7 marines (2 gas follow up, he's teching to hellion/banshee)

The follow-up from here varies depending on what you scout.  This time frame (6:15 to 6:45) is when I will typically do my OL sacrifice to see T's follow up.

After the four extractors, I will typically switch off between a round of drones and a round of zerglings while doing the following:

1.  Get 2 evos, a spine, and use a queen to wall off my natural and stop hellion run bys (crucial to protecting your economy)
2.  Build a macro hatch and take a third.
3.  Start 1-1 upgrades and zergling speed
4.  Build a roach warren (if heavy hellion or mech play) or a bane nest (if heavy bio play) to secure the third and build roaches or banes as necessary to hold
5.  Only then do I start a lair.  
6.  Most natural transition is 2-2, bane speed, and infestation pit when lair pops.

This sounds really greedy but is a really strong way to get into the mid game with great production, fantastic creep spread, and good upgrades.  The six queens hold off a huge number of hellion or banshee attacks and are great damage tanks to hold off early pushes (you can even lose up 3 and its not a big deal).  With those 4 hatcheries and 4 queens to inject, you can immediately switch to mass speedlings and banes or roaches to hold off most timings.  Extra safety is guaranteed by the prescence of a 12-20 zergling force to backstap if he moves out and great creep spread and queens to help with D.

Tell me what y'all think of this opener.  Suggestions for improvement, builds it might be weak against, thoughts on transitions, etc.


Twist wrote:
Really good build. It shuts down pretty much ANY Terran 1/2 base aggression. The beauty of it is that even if the T goes a greedy 3cc, you can just outgreed him or go like...30 muta.

However, on maps like Ohana/Daybreak(sorta), Shakurus or any closeish position, the Demuslim +1 stim/cc build can usually take out your third base. 6 queeners usually defend with queen/spine and lings, so they skip the banes and get really hit hard my marine/hellion push.

honestly the 6 queen build is pretty imba. On big maps like Condemned, Tal Darim, Antiga... Terran can like, not win. At all. I have to downvote the big maps.
clash wrote:
Yeah, sucks to lose all of your early aggression or harassment shut-down completely by the goddamn zerg macro-mechanic.  
sMi HomeStuffBlog Post Archives → 6 Queen Build ZvT
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