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ThorsMi - Regular
Registered on sMi:Thursday, January 20, 2011
Current Status:'Thor' is currently active
Current Home:New York, United StatesNew York, United States
SC2 Race of Choice:ZergZerg
Special Status:
This member is part of the sMi starting lineup
About 'Thor'In RL, I'm a 5th grade social studies teacher. I'm 22, so old by standards, but not ancient. I played zerg and loved BW for many years. Interests: debate, politics, travel, reading books, alcohol, weed, FIFA 11, etc. I'm a first year Teach for America corps member and I have a GF of nearly four years. I'm busy, but I do my best to play at least a few games of craft every day. My GF laughs whenever she hears me talking in nerd into Ventrillo or when she hears my computer inform me "We require more minerals"
sMi HomesMi Profiles → Thor
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