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Team News
News articleWell, what can I say? We finally got someone interested in the team that was willing to support us in more ways than we could do before. Our Starting roster has changed quite a bit, but for the better I believe. Hopefully things continue to...
Posted 415 days, 11 hours ago by DirtyBirD0 comments »
Team News
News articlesMi is going to be playing in a new team league starting this week, the Under Rated Gamers Team League. The league has some very notable teams participating in it; in particular LighT and vVv are in our group and Western Wolves in a differe...
Posted 715 days, 11 hours ago by DirtyBirD3 comments »
Team News
News article This is a double elimination bracket. All matches are BO3 including the losers bracket. The starting map should be posted above the round you're playing in. If not, let me know and I'll post what map to us...
Posted 767 days, 12 hours ago by DirtyBirD4 comments »
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