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It's nice that you are interested in learning more about the team, but it just so happens that the 11 volume History of sMi has yet to be written because we're very lazy.  Still, it's in the works and in the meantime you can add this page to the long list of 'under construction' stuff.
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It was a different time, a time for the ages.  The year 2005 - when men were men and women were tools for their amusement.  These were turbulent times.  The world saw many changes - the death of a popular Pope, the devastation of Hurrican Katrina, and - most significantly - the creation of sMi, a group of people who play a videogame together.

Since then, the founding goals of procrastination, questionable leadership, and hiding from real world responsibilities have held true - ensuring sMi its rightful place in history.  At least until everyone finds something better to do.

Team Philosophy

sMi is a place where the way a person behaves is just as important as their gaming skill. We're building an environment that's focused on practicing together and competing against the rest of the SC2 community

This means that within the team members all know each other, practice together, and feel comfortable asking each other for help. Games vs other members should never be competitive. We play together to practice and learn. If you want to try a new build order you get your sMi teammate to help you test it out. Holding wins or keeping records against teammates is not part of what we do here. We help each other improve so that we can all go onto Bnet together and represent sMi by pwning people in ladders, show matches and clan wars.

Team History (Boring Version)

sMi was founded in September 2005 by sMi.NewB and sMi.Clash.  During the first year sMi built up to be the strongest team in the USA and dominated WCG USA 2006 with sMi.lastgosu taking first place.  Over half of the participants in WCG USA 2006 were members of sMi.

In 2007-2008 sMi continued to be a strong and active gaming team but as BW slowly became more and more inactive and members grew older and moved on to the real world, sMi also became less active.  In 2009-2010 sMi hit a phase of extremely low activity.  Then the SC2 Beta came out and the team relaunched.

Currently in 2010-2011 sMi has a strong lineup with members competing in many major tournaments.  We participate in clan leagues, host events like KOTH, and constantly practice together.  We're slowly adding quality members as we begin our trek to regain the spot as the #1 team in North America.
We currently don't have an active poll for you to take part in.  Democracy is dead, long live the oligarchy!
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